TENKAZAI.com is a comprehensive site for additives




① Heat resistance

② Weather resistance

③ Radical scavenging

④ CTE control

⑤ Globular, highly dispersed nanoparticles

⑥ Advanced surface processing

Adhesive, Coating, Paint

Lubricating oil


① Long life and fuel efficiency

② Molybdenum


④ Low viscosity and high flash point

⑤ Defoamers and dispersing agents

⑥ Ester

Lubricating oil

Adhesive, Coating, Paint


① Photoinitiator

② Emulsifiability

③ Thermal stability

④ HALS (Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer )

⑤ Weather resistance

⑥ Silane coupling agent

What is TENKAZAI.com

This site includes additives that enhance the added value of products in a wide range of fields, including plastics, rubber, adhesives, lubricating oils, paints, inks, electronic materials, food products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals, as well as environment-related equipment, materials, and chemicals that can reduce the environmental impact of customers' manufacturing processes.

Special Feature of Additives

Introductory Seminar of Additives

The technical papers of Sanyo Chemical Co., Ltd. are published with the cooperation of Sanyo Chemical Co., Ltd. This section introduces polyolefin resin modifiers, dispersing agents for water-based coatings, and color conditioning improvers.

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Special Feature on Additives

Excipients have been included in the Monthly Poly file for a period of twelve articles.