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Thermal conductive filler is a filler that fills the resin to give heat dissipation (make it easier to conduct heat).
In the past, MgO was often shunned as highly hygroscopic.
Our MgO has improved hygroscopicity by firing at high temperature (1800-2000 ℃) and
unique reaction conditions.
We are a comprehensive manufacturer of MgO, and we can provide a stable supply
through integrated production from raw materials.
We offer high thermal conductivity filler MgO with excellent thermal conductivity at low cost.

Product Name Description


Average Particle Size 70~110μm


Average Particle Size 70-110μm, Vinyl-based Surface-Treated Products


Average Particle Size: 40~70μm


Average Particle Size 40-70μm, Vinyl-based Surface-Treated Products


Average Particle Size: 40~70μm, Phenyl-Based Surface-Treated Products


Average Particle Size: 40-70μm, Amino surface-treated products

RF-10C -45μm

Average Particle Size 7~15μm

RF-10C-SC -45μm

Average Particle Size 7-15μm, Vinyl-based Surface-Treated Products

RF-10C-FC -45μm

Average Particle Size 7-15μm, Phenyl-Based Surface Treated Products

RF-10C-AC -45μm

Average Particle Size: 7-15μm, Amino surface treatment products


Average Particle Size 4-10μm


Average Particle Size 4-10μm, Vinyl-based Surface-Treated Products

UBE Thermal Conductive MgO Filler

MgO as the Radiation Filler

Characteristic of UBE MgO filler

・Improved anti hydration properties by high temperature sintering (1,800-2,000゚C)
 and original controlled reaction condition.

・Stable supply by integrated manufacturing.

・Lower price

Characteristice of substances

Filler Thermal conductivity(W/mk) Specific resistance Hardness Water resistance
(W/mK) (Ω cm)
Magnesia 42~60 1×1017 6
(UBE MgO filler○)
Alumina 26~36 1×1015 12
Hexagoal boron nitride 31~60 1×1014 2
Aluminum nitride 180~270 >1×1014 8

※ These figures refer technical books published by Technology Information Institute co.ltd. in Japan and refer public information on web site.

High thermal diffusivity

Thermal diffusion of compound resin

Thermal diffusion of compound resin, EEA-resin : filler = 1:3 (weight ratio.)

Thermal diffusivity evaluation by thermograph.

Thermal diffusivity evaluation by thermograph.

SEM image

Median diameter 10 μm

Median diameter 10 μm

Median diameter 50 μm

Median diameter 50 μm

Moisture absorbency resistance at Temp. 85℃-85%RH-48h

Weight increase ratio (%)

Weight increase ratio (%)


●Thermal interface material:Sheet, Grease
●Thermoplastic resin:PA6, PPS, PBT
●Circuit boards :Printed circuit board
●Molding resin:EMC, LED