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Osaka Gas Chemicals Co.,Ltd. Flow improver/Compatibilizer

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Toyotsu Chemiplas Corporation

Functional Materials Group



It is a lineup of functional additives of Osaka Gas Chemicals.
We deals with characteristic additives such as flow improver, compatibilizer, etc.

We prepare sample application that quantity limited for development.

Flow improver  OGSOL MF-11

Products name OGSOL MF-11 Detailes
Generic name Flow improver
Property Powdered
Appearance White
Action Improved fluidity of various polyamide resins (PA6, PA66, aromatic PA, etc.),Improved fluidity of TPU (urethane elastomer),Fluidity Improvement by Relaxation of Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonds
APPLICATIONS GF high fill compound
Carbon-fiber composites (CFRTP)
Plastic magnet
Film sheet
Wearable device
Composition Non-disclosure
Feature MF-11 is an unprecedented new concept for improving fluidity. It is particularly effective for resins that have hydrogen bonds in their molecules, such as PA and TPU, and by relaxing intermolecular hydrogen bonds, fluidity can be improved without significantly impairing the original physical properties of the resin.
Sample volume (g) 1000

Compatibilizer  MARICOM

Products name MARICOM Detailes
Generic name Compatibilizer
Property Pellet
Appearance White
Action Improved compatibility and dispersibility,Enables blending of resins and fillers that do not normally mix with each other.
APPLICATIONS Compounding of polyolefins such as PE, polyesters such as PET, and polyamide resins
Cellulosic filler such as wood flour
Composition Mixture of polyethylene and a compatibilizer
Feature Polyethylene resin based compatibilizer masterbatch,It can be applied even if it contains three or more types.,Addition to polyester-based resins such as PET can improve brittleness by improving impact resistance and improve extrudability by improving melt viscosity.
Sample volume (g) 1000